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Jagjit Singh
Arth-Jagjit Singh (Year 1982)     Forget Me Not-Jagjit Singh     Aaeena-Jagjit Singh    
Aawaaz-Jagjit Singh     Close To My Heart-Jagjit Singh     Evergreen-Jagjit Singh    
Jazbaat (Soulful Moments)-Jagjit Singh     Jeevan Kya Hai-Jagjit Singh     Khamoshi-Jagjit Singh    
Khumaar-Jagjit Singh     Lyrics MirzaGhalib-Jagjit Singh     Parwaaz-Jagjit Singh    
Royal Salute-Jagjit Singh     Sajda-Lata-Jagjit Singh     Silsiilay-Jagjit Singh    
Soz-Jagjit Singh     Sunli Jo Khuda Ne Dua-Jagjit Singh     Koi Baat Chale-Jagjit Singh    
Muntazir-Jagjit Singh     My Favourites-Jagjit Singh     Some One Some Where-Jagjit Singh    
Chausar-Jagjit Singh     Together-Jagjit Singh     Marasim-Jagjit Singh    
Berukhi-Jagjit Singh     Khawahishain (2008)-Jagjit Singh     Inteha-Jagjit Singh (2009)    

Pankaj Udas
Pankaj Udas-Hasrat     Pankaj Udas-Ishq Nachaye     Pankaj Udas-Humnasheen    
Pankaj Udas-Aasihiyana     Pankaj Udas-Afsana     Pankaj Udas-Aman    
Best Of Panjak Udhas     Pankaj Udas-Jaanemann     Pankaj Udas-Jashn    
Pankaj Udas-Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma     Pankaj Udas--Kaif     Pankaj Udas-Khwab    
Pankaj Udas-Lamha     Pankaj Udas-Life Story     Pankaj Udas-Mahek    
Pankaj Udas-Nasheela     Pankaj Udas-Nayaab     Pankaj Udhas-Mixed    
Pankaj Udas-Stolen Moments     Pankaj Udas-Hum Safar     Pankaj Udas-In Search Of Meer    
Pankaj Udas-Muskaan     Pankaj Udas-Naqoosh     Pankaj Udas-Ghoonghat    
Pankaj Udas-Shaayar-2010    

Ghulam Ali
Ghulam Ali-Awaargi     Ghulam Ali-Rabba Yaar Milade     Generations-Ghulam Ali Asha Bhosle    

Mehdi Hassan
Mehdi Hassan    

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Jagjit Singh

 Arth-Jagjit Singh (Year 1982)      Forget Me Not-Jagjit Singh      Aaeena-Jagjit Singh    
 Aawaaz-Jagjit Singh      Close To My Heart-Jagjit Singh      Evergreen-Jagjit Singh    
 Jazbaat (Soulful Moments)-Jagjit Singh      Jeevan Kya Hai-Jagjit Singh      Khamoshi-Jagjit Singh    
 Khumaar-Jagjit Singh      Lyrics MirzaGhalib-Jagjit Singh      Parwaaz-Jagjit Singh    
 Royal Salute-Jagjit Singh      Sajda-Lata-Jagjit Singh      Silsiilay-Jagjit Singh    
 Soz-Jagjit Singh      Sunli Jo Khuda Ne Dua-Jagjit Singh      Koi Baat Chale-Jagjit Singh    
 Muntazir-Jagjit Singh      My Favourites-Jagjit Singh      Some One Some Where-Jagjit Singh    
 Chausar-Jagjit Singh      Together-Jagjit Singh      Marasim-Jagjit Singh    
 Berukhi-Jagjit Singh      Khawahishain (2008)-Jagjit Singh     Inteha-Jagjit Singh (2009)    

Pankaj Udas

 Pankaj Udas-Hasrat      Pankaj Udas-Ishq Nachaye      Pankaj Udas-Humnasheen    
 Pankaj Udas-Aasihiyana      Pankaj Udas-Afsana      Pankaj Udas-Aman    
 Best Of Panjak Udhas      Pankaj Udas-Jaanemann      Pankaj Udas-Jashn    
 Pankaj Udas-Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma      Pankaj Udas--Kaif      Pankaj Udas-Khwab    
 Pankaj Udas-Lamha      Pankaj Udas-Life Story      Pankaj Udas-Mahek    
 Pankaj Udas-Nasheela      Pankaj Udas-Nayaab      Pankaj Udhas-Mixed    
 Pankaj Udas-Stolen Moments      Pankaj Udas-Hum Safar     Pankaj Udas-In Search Of Meer    
 Pankaj Udas-Muskaan      Pankaj Udas-Naqoosh      Pankaj Udas-Ghoonghat    
 Pankaj Udas-Shaayar-2010    

Ghulam Ali

 Ghulam Ali-Awaargi      Ghulam Ali-Rabba Yaar Milade      Generations-Ghulam Ali Asha Bhosle    

Mehdi Hassan

 Mehdi Hassan